Shark Tank India Judge Anupam Mittal’s Net Worth

In India’s growing business scene, Anupam Mittal distinguishes out. Due to his involvement as a shark on Shark Tank India, Anupam has become a household celebrity with a substantial net worth and commercial acumen.

But what’s the story behind the man? How did he get wealthy, and what motivates him to succeed? We’ll explore Anupam Mittal’s path in this piece. Join us as we unearth Anupam Mittal’s success secrets, whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or just curious about one of India’s most influential personalities. You won’t want to miss a word!

NameAnupam Mittal
IndustryOnline matchmaking
EducationBachelor’s in Engineering
Master’s in Business Management
BirthplaceDelhi, India
AgeN/A (As of current knowledge)
AchievementsFounded India’s first online
matchmaking website
Recognized as a leading
entrepreneur in India
TEDx speaker
Investor in various startups

Anupam Mittal’s Early Life and Education

Each success story has roots, and Anupam Mittal’s origins are in Mumbai. Anupam, from a poor household, learned the importance of hard work and persistence. His modest company owner’s father taught him work ethic and entrepreneurship.

Education put Anupam on the road to greatness. After finishing school in India, he headed to Boston College for a bachelor’s degree. Anupam continued with an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Anupam’s business drive developed at Harvard. He acquired a sharp eye for opportunity and refined his abilities among business’s greatest brains. He also made enduring bonds with his classmates, several of whom became successful entrepreneurs.

Anupam returned to India determined to excel with a top education. He had no idea he was destined to become one of India’s most renowned and prominent businesspeople.

Anupam Mittal

Career and Ventures

Anupam Mittal entered the Indian business sector with a decent education and a love for entrepreneurship. He sure did! Let’s examine some of his famous undertakings., Anupam’s first significant success, changed Indian marriage. The site’s original approach and user-friendly layout made it famous when it launched in 1996.

Anupam led from a startup to a large online matrimonial provider. The site has millions of members and has helped many couples find love.

People Group

Not satisfied to relax, Anupam founded People Group, a holding firm that manages several profitable companies. Notable People Group businesses include:

  • A leading real estate portal
  • Mauj Mobile: A mobile entertainment company
  • Shaadi Events: An offline matchmaking service

Anupam has capitalized on new market possibilities via People Group. His strategic vision and leadership have made these companies successful.

Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs, a ride-hailing firm that changed Indian travel, was one of Anupam’s most significant investments. Anupam’s early investment helped the firm expand.

With over 100 cities and a billion-dollar value, Ola Cabs is one of India’s most valuable firms under his leadership. Anupam’s engagement with Ola Cabs shows his ability to identify and grow good businesses.

Other Investments and Ventures

Anupam has had several investments and initiatives in addition to his high-profile accomplishments. Among them:

  • Sapience Analytics: A workforce analytics company
  • Infisparks: An AI-powered content creation platform
  • Inclov: A dating app for people with disabilities

Anupam has shown his support for innovation and entrepreneurship with his diversified investments. His contributions have made several of these enterprises successful.

Shark Tank India

Those who like business and reality TV have probably heard about Shark Tank India. According to the program, Anupam Mittal is one of the tank’s most potent sharks.

Anupam Mittal’s Role as a Shark

Anupam adds deep knowledge and skill to the program as a shark. His financial acumen, ability to see potential, and willingness to bet on promising firms are well-known.

Anupam’s coaching style distinguishes him from other sharks. He invests in startups to help them thrive, not simply write checks. Anupam goes above and beyond to assist his portfolio firms to succeed, giving strategic advice, connecting them with critical connections, and providing psychological support.

Anupam Mittal

Notable Investments Made on the Show

During Shark Tank India, Anupam made many essential investments. His startup investments include:

  • Skippi Ice Pops: A brand of healthy, natural ice pops
  • Cosiq: A smart home automation company
  • Rare Planet: An e-commerce platform featuring products made by Indian artisans

Anupam’s sharp eye for potential and passion for backing creative, socially responsible firms are evident in his investments.

Impact of Shark Tank India on Anupam’s Net Worth and Public Image

The businesses Anupam has invested in have benefited from Shark Tank India, as has his financial worth and public reputation.

Anupam’s profile has grown since becoming one of the show’s most popular and regarded sharks. He has millions of social media followers and is a household name in India.

Each successful show investment boosts Anupam’s net worth. His financial success is due mainly to Shark Tank India, albeit the specific amounts are unknown.

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Personal Life

Anupam Mittal is more than a successful entrepreneur and investor, notwithstanding his fantastic career. He’s a kind spouse, parent, and philanthropist.

Anupam’s wife, Aanchal Kumar, is crucial to him. A successful model and actress, Aanchal has supported Anupam through everything. The pair married in 2013 and has a timeless love tale.

Despite their hectic commitments, Anupam and Aanchal spend time together and with their families. They share bits of their joyful lives on social media and at events.

Anupam Mittal FAMILY

Anupam is pleased with his little daughter. Managing business with parenting is difficult, but Anupam prioritizes family. In interviews, he’s been open about work-life balance and making time for loved ones. Anupam constantly prioritizes family.

Philanthropic Activities

Anupam gives back to his community, work, and personal Life. He supports many charities, including:

  • Supporting poor children’s education
  • Empowering women entrepreneurs
  • Sustainable environmental promotion

Anupam thinks his philanthropy will improve the world and inspire others.

Net Worth and Income Sources

Indian entrepreneur and angel investor Anupam Mittal has a fluctuating net worth. As of 2024, his projected net worth is INR 15,000–185 crores. Disparities in statistics may result from varying valuation methodologies or asset inclusion.

Primary Sources of Income:

  • and People Group:

Successful enterprises like and People Group made Anupam Mittal rich. These enterprises have significantly contributed to his financial success and net worth.

  • Investments and Shareholdings:

Mittal’s investments and shareholdings in several enterprises supplement his entrepreneurial income. This diverse financial portfolio is a significant revenue source for him.

  • Shark Tank India:

Anupam Mittal also makes money as a shark on Shark Tank India. He reportedly receives INR 7 lakhs every episode, boosting his revenues.


Future projections see Anupam’s star rising. He can do anything with his strong eye for opportunity, devotion to invention, and unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether you’re a prospective entrepreneur searching for inspiration or a success story fan, watch Anupam Mittal. He’ll continue to impact business for years to come.

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